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Business Wellness Coaching


How comfortable are you sharing your struggles with entrepreneurship in order to help someone else grow?
Part of Ashley's journey as a mom balancing work and life was realizing the greater need for a community to hear her out, cheer her on, and provide her with the information that she didn’t know before she began entrepreneurial life.
Because of how essential this community was it lead her to want to help other BIPOC individuals who want to take a chance and open up their own business. 
If you want to be in and remain in a healthy mental space, it's essential to get comfortable with talking about your journey. The ups the downs and everything in between. You never know who needs it.

How Important is  Mental Health in Business?

Poor mental health has severe consequences on your functionality and business goals. It’s not only very unhealthy, but it’s also definitely not sustainable. Your goal is to be well while running your business. Everything you do regarding your business will be a product of where you are mentally.

Not sleeping, and overstressing can and will cause inevitable burnout. This will be directly reflected in the growth and success of your business. 

Being an entrepreneur means going through a whirlwind of emotions. From euphoric dopamine rushes to crippling self-doubt running your own business is not for the weak. It can be a great advantage to have someone help you through these emotions and keep your mind on the goals you have set for yourself.



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