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Victoria Woods
MA Intern

My Story

The fact that you are reading this implies that you have been through and are going through some very difficult, confusing, and painful life experiences. I know that it can be difficult and vulnerable to share these intimate experiences with someone you do not know, and if you chose to partner with me in your healing journey I would be honored.

I am a Masters of Counseling student at Palo Alto University, completing my internship. As a counselor in training, I seek to continuously refine my counseling skills, and I strive to create an empathetic, nonjudgmental, and safe space in which we can work together for your healing and happiness. Clients have described me as supportive, genuine, and insightful. As a trainee, I practice under the supervision of a one-on-one supervisor (Ashley Rodriguez, LPC Colorado, NCC) and internship faculty (Dr. Aaron Henderson, LPC Colorado, PhD). I have a professional membership with the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Colorado Counseling Association (CCA), and I abide by the Code of Ethics published by the ACA in 2014. 

My current specialties include working with adult survivors of trauma, including family of origin trauma and domestic abuse, as well as chronic pain and illness. My general approach as a counselor integrates a few modalities - these are not specific treatments, but more a description of how I am in the counseling room with you: 

Holistic: I believe that we are whole persons, more than the sum of our parts (like emotional, physical, spiritual, social) and that treatment should integrate these pieces as you desire and as my scope of practice allows. 
Trauma-Informed: I work to be mindful of how trauma can impact people and to reflect that in our work together.
Person-Centered: I believe you are the expert in your own life and experience (not me), and that you have the right to direct your treatment. It also means that I will do my best to adapt to what you need as a client. 
Feminist: I work to understand and acknowledge how the systems in which we live impact everyone, the privileges and oppressions that come with various identities that we did not choose and do not have control over, and doing what I can to advocate for those who face oppression within our current systems. This includes working to be anti-racist and gender-affirming in my practice. 
Relational-Cultural: I believe that one of the very important ways that people heal and grow is through relationship and connection, and that our cultures are an important part of how we relate to ourselves, each other, and the world. 
Existential: I believe that finding purpose in our lives and meaning in our experiences can help to improve our lives and relationships.

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, flashbacks, or nightmares, or have ongoing pain, cognitive, or physical difficulty that impacts your mental health it would be my honor to collaborate with you in finding insight, empowerment, and greater wellbeing.

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